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The Difference Machine

The Difference Machine is an interdisciplinary collective with a mission to discover and shape the future of entertainment. We act on an intersection of content creation, technology, and research to develop new forms of storytelling using AI and XR. 

Trained in diverse subject areas from psychology to writing/directing to software development and with years of experience in content creation and production across different mediums, we founded THE DIFFERENCE MACHINE to follow a common vision and synthesize our respective skill sets to deliver on it. 

AI-Native.  Instead of utilizing artificial intelligence to replace human creators, we apply it to drive storytelling in ways never seen or possible before.

Illuminative.  With neural networks representing a new way to process information, we use them as mirrors of the human psyche and culture to provide cathartic experiences to our audiences.

Human-centric.  Amongst the fears of technology as an isolating force, we use it to develop entertainment that brings people closer to themselves and each other.

What Sets Us Apart



​"“The Difference Machine” is an answer to an artistic aspiration I have harbored for many years - a hope for a way to tell stories that live and grow together with the audience, transgressing the linear, finite forms we grew up with. The emergence of new technologies, especially AI, finally allows us to turn these aspirations into feasible products, appealing to wide audiences. "

Elena is a screenwriter, creator, producer, and story consultant based in Berlin.  With more than 15 years of experience in storytelling, Elena has created award-winning work both in traditional and interactive media, including immersive theater, TV, and digital. Currently, the TV series based on her original concepts - “Pauline” and “The City of Night” are in production with Disney Plus Germany. 

Elena Lyubarskaya. Creator.

"Great, organic storytelling can never be replaced by tech. But when both are aligned, it becomes immersion - which I strongly believe is the way most content will be consumed in the 21st century."

David is a French & Canadian producer-writer with a focus on story development, technology, and the fascinating intersection of both. His company Parallell Cinema has since 2009 pioneered the European Stereoscopic 3D landscape, garnered multiple awards and produced content for ARTE, Nintendo, Orange, France Télévision, and Canal+. David has worked as a screenwriter & story developer for Disney+, Warner Germany, ARTE France, Swedish Film Institute. As a producer, he has developed and produced feature films selected by TIFF, Rotterdam IFFR, Cinequest, Deauville, Sundance and others.


David Steiner. Producer.

"Difference machine merges the precision of science, the insight of psychology, and the creativity of art to innovate storytelling, expanding our ability to communicate complex human experiences with newfound clarity and impact."

Sofya is a psychologist, web developer, and performance artist based in Paris. Her work across these diverse fields has enabled her to develop a truly interdisciplinary analytical framework over the years. Sofya has been recognized as a researcher with the Heinrich Böll Foundation prize and was nominated for the Golden Mask theater award for her artistic performances. Currently, she is working with one of the leading AI companies in France as a web developer 

Sofya Kontorovich. CTO.

"Trained in diverse subjects from psychology to writing, directing, and software development, with extensive experience in content creation across various media, we founded The Difference Machine to synthesize our skills and realize a shared vision."​

Anna, with a remarkable track record in XR entertainment, has led groundbreaking exhibitions and digital performances that merge augmented and virtual realities. As the Executive Producer of 'ACROSS TECHNOLOGY TO ART - A virtual journey to Arles with LG SIGNATURE,' she showcased her pioneering vision and received the prestigious BEST CAMPAIGN award at AWE USA 2022. This recognition highlights Anna's dedication to innovation at the intersection of technology and narrative art.

Anna Gorodetskaya.

XR Producer.

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