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Highlights from Rotterdam Immersive Tech Week.


At the Rotterdam Immersive Tech Week, we proudly debuted "Midsummernight X," a standout in the Impulse Programme. This AI-driven escape room, crafted from dreams, captivated attendees with its innovative approach to immersive storytelling.

Features of "Midsummernight X"

  • Unique Experience: Six chapters tailor-made for groups of friends, each a personalized, enigmatic dreamscape.

  • AI-Driven: Our AI Dreamweaver, Oberon, crafts narratives uniquely tied to each player's personality.

  • Engagement and Networking: The event was a valuable opportunity for us to connect, share insights, and form lasting industry relationships.

Event Overview

The week was a confluence of technology and creativity, with sessions spanning AI, Healthcare, Arts, and more. The Creator's Lab, spotlighting artistic innovations, was a particular highlight.

Our Vision

At The Difference Machine, we are committed to reinventing storytelling and entertainment through AI and XR. Our approach is deeply rooted in AI innovation and human-centric design, aiming to deliver experiences that connect and resonate.

In summary, our showcase at Rotterdam Immersive Tech Week was a significant step in demonstrating the potential and impact of AI in immersive storytelling, solidifying our role as innovators in this exciting field.

The Difference Machine at Vilnius ArtTech Forum: Where Creativity Meets Innovation!


We're elated to recount our enriching experience at the Vilnius ArtTech Forum held on December 8, 2023. Elena Lyubarskaya , our visionary co-Founder, represented The Difference Machine, sharing the stage with notable figures in the ArtTech world of Lithuania and beyond.

🌐 Event Highlights:

Elena shared our vision on the revolution that AI and new technologies are bringing to storytelling and entertainment industry.
Noteworthy Interactions: Engaging discussions with Tupac Martir, renowned Creative Director and Founder of Satore Studio; Agnesta Filatovė, the dynamic CEO of ArtTech Agency Lithuania; and Vygintas Gasparavičius, the esteemed Vice-minister of Culture of Lithuania.
Lithuania's ArtTech Potential: The forum underscored Lithuania's burgeoning role as a creative hub in the EU, a sentiment echoed by Elena and her co-speakers.
👏 A Moment of Gratitude:
A heartfelt thank you to the ArtTech Forum organizers, our co-speakers, and the attendees who made this event a mosaic of innovative thoughts and collaborations.

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